The pantry is his locality of zen, often mumbling to himself. Mel behaves like he's got a ton on his mind, fast talking so much it drives us crazy. He's got a morbid fear of death and he keeps busy outside work by pursuing his love for the arts by painting and, writing and recording music feverishly.


Tall, extremely quiet and hardly ever blinking, Yeeks is scary if you’re meeting him for the first time. His low monotonous voice doesn’t help either. He’s like Godzilla but nicer. With his keyboard and mouse in hand, he’s better than Harry Potter and chomps through computer code the way Garfield swallows lasagna. His weakness includes fizzy drinks and buying Nerf guns for his son whenever there’s a sale going on.


Everyone has a gift and Charmaine is clearly equipped when it comes to chasing late payments so much we’re convinced she was a debt collector in one of her past lives. In this life, she does one heck of a job at maintaining all the admin stuff and some of our projects too. She loves baking in her free time, she doesn’t know but there’s heaps of unfinished pastries still sitting in the pantry fridge. Care to have some?