Website Revamp – What To Look Out For

website revamp

It’s been almost three years, high time for that website revamp of yours to happen..

From a customer’s point of view, a website revamp will make you look like you are taking the effort to grow your brand and business thoroughly. No one likes looking at the same things after a long while.

So when you’re working on your website revamp, here are some things to look out for.

Responsive web design
Make sure your website is mobile friendly. You can almost be certain that your website is going to be viewed on smartphones and tablets more than anything else. Google isn’t kind to those who aren’t. So get converted today before your page ranking drops.

Readable text
Ensure that your web designer or web agency takes into consideration that your website needs to be in a comfortable reading format while in both mobile and desktop sizes so typeface choice is crucial and make sure font size isn’t too small, thin or overbearingly large when viewed on anything other than a desktop computer.

Flow of content
Layout is important, especially in this ultra fast speed age of digital communication. You have to make sure the content layout does not compromise the objective of your website. Rule is, most important stuff goes on top first, eg. Products/Services available, Contact information etc, followed by everything else.

We usually work backwards in terms of flow of content, ensuring the experiential objective is to lead to the final destination, the call-to-action. This is where you will entice your potential customers to consider you in mind and make contact. Depending on your target audience’s expectations, you can place your address, phone number, social media contacts and even a map to your location. Whatever it is, this last bit is paramount.

Spend good time on your website revamp wisely.