Website Quality – Why Is It Important

website quality

Do you know the concept of website quality? Every website exists for the almost the same number of reasons as the others. To tell a story. To provide insight. To let everyone know who’s behind it. If your website is starting to feel like ‘another me’ product then I urge you to stop and think of ways to break out of that birdcage.

Be unique, do not imprison yourself in digital dogma. Off the record, we sometimes find that ‘writing for yourself’ works better than doing so just to please a certain audience.

Less is more
Have you ever realised the power of love notes? How a simple ‘I Love You’ says so much more than a three page ‘thank you script’ you seen actors and actresses read out at every Ocars event? Most people will probably end up using that time to head over to the bathroom or make more popcorn. Hilarious.

Similarly, rephrasing your content with an emphasis on meaningful reduction can make it more crisp, more assertive, more impactful, not to mention less scary sailing through word after word. If best, try to avoid passive writing unless absolutely necessary.

Personal branding
Speak to your audience in a way that does not amplify ‘business to consumer’ but rather in a warm ‘let’s have coffee’ kind of approach.

One way to increase website quality is to create what I call a ‘people’s brand’. Get personal with your audience. Put out a hilarious YouTube video of yourself, share your personal Instagram account with funny posts, the point is to get people to like you. Instantly they will also like your brand. Get creative.

Build relationships
Like love, there’s a relationship between your viewers and your website. So work on that. Give them value, let them participate in something. Offer an incentive. Give them a reason to love you in return. Then work on building a relationship that lasts.