Website Maintenance – Why It Is Important

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After months of  gruelling over the littlest of details, today is the day you are ready to unveil your ecommerce website to the scrutiny of humanity. You’re thinking all those sleepiness nights going over changes and endless enhancements with your web designer are certainly over. Boy, you’re just getting started. Here enters website maintenance.

In general, a website needs constant attention, think of it as a living thing, like a new born baby or even a vehicle. In web speak, it’s website maintenance. And yes, every successful website needs one.

A website maintenance schedule can range from periodic content updates, security patches or updates, fixing of bug issues every now and then etc. It’s all really up to how each one is packaged and tailored for your business.

Content updates as part of website maintenance
This is really worth your dollar as no search engine loves a website more than one with frequent content refreshments. In the eyes of the search engine, you are adding value to the search world since the content on your website is technically never stale. Huge plus point to have. Awesome for SEO.

Security patches and bug issues
Why is it important is simply because over time, your website’s codes and content will likely build up and clutter, causing it to slow down and become erratic. Thus some housekeeping will need to be done. Sometimes part of the maintenance work might entail rewriting, recoding or setting up and installing some updated module or program but it’s best to leave this up to a professional web developer or web designer if you are uncertain of what you doing.

On top of it, never beats having help when you need one. Get your website designer to include in troubleshooting and fixes as part of the deliverables so there’s someone around to assist you when things go wrong.

With all said, its not a ‘must have’ but rather a ‘good to have’, the decision lies with you, the website owner. It’s certainly something with more ticks than crosses.