Website Designer In Singapore – What Does It Take?

website designer in singapore

The whole world has shifted to digital and it seems having a website today is even the cornerstone of retirees, barbers, butchers and many others alike.

While this has given rise to an occupation in the area of web design and development, it is still far from being a nicely paid cushy job.

The role of a website designer has evolved with the growing demands of customers who have gotten more critical and tech savvy and they seem very sure of what they are seeking for.

Today we will look at what is it like to live one day in the life of a designer in the digital world.

Laurie, 21, works as a website designer in Singapore has been doing her craft for almost 2 years since graduating from a local institution. She gets up at 7am, have her breakfast then leave for work which she has to be there by 9am. Takes her about one and a half hours to get to the office, even so she can’t afford to miss a bus or train.

By the time she gets to the office, she settles in fully by 9.30am, fresh coffee from the pantry in hand and starts her day with reading and responding to client emails.

Clients in Singapore can be pretty taxing, it’s a fast paced society and Laurie usually probably spends 2 to 3 hours going through a bunch of change requests and replying.

By then it’s almost close to lunch time and she hasn’t really even started on any creative work yet. So she orders take out and eats at the table. She continues to work her way through the rest of the day attending to whatever web design she needs to complete and submit.

Of late theres seems to be a culture locally whereby customers possess low tolerance for patience, this is translated into pressuring service providers to respond as fast as they can and in a creative environment, this means very long hours.

It is pretty common for Laurie to have her dinner in the office, rushing to finishing up to meet whatever deadline she’s been tasked to. She leaves about 10pm, gets home about 11.30pm.

She claims she does’t have much time to do anything else, practically too tired to do anything else too.

It’s amazing to see the amount of dedication any website designer in Singapore like her put in and yet so often are overlooked and always yelled at by difficult customers.

Laurie doesn’t mind she says. She loves what she does. Great spirit.