Planning Your Website Design Budget

website design budget

So you are scratching your head on how much money you like to set aside for that website you plan on building. Despite hearing man way cheaper and some almost free alternatives, truth be told, you really get what you pay for.

That’s a fact of life. There is really no way round proper advice and solid professional website design and development work.

So let’s get down to business, talk reality and figure out what your website design budget should be.

Professional design or cheap template
One of the first things you got to ask yourself is, do I want my own unique design or I don’t really care I just want it cheap as hell.

If the latter, in that case, you could go for a set up off the shelf like a WordPress template. As the word (and cost) suggests, it’s a template so high chance that’s as far as you can get with it.

If the former, then congratulations on taking the bold step ahead, you will find yourself rewarded with personal attention and a proposed suite of design services tailored to your needs.

Adding more features will certainly boost up your website design budget without a doubt. So before you get all excited and insisting you like to have this and that, it’s best you sit down and run this through your web designer first and see roughly how much this is going to cost you.

Stands for Search Engine Optimisation, although not a must have for everyone has proven useful especially for brand newly launched websites. Such services increase your page rankings, search results and help you gain a little more traction in the very fast moving and ever changing online retail landscape.

SEO services in Singapore normally comes in the form of bundled service packages, the more expensive the package the more you get. There is also usually a minimum 6 month compulsory sign up too and prices could vary from agency to agency.

Even websites require some tender loving care. Depending on what your business structure is, there are a few different types of website maintenance you could consider.

i) Content maintenance
Smaller companies with limited manpower tend to go for this option. It is popular because outsourcing their monthly or weekly content updates is a lot more cost efficient than hiring full time staff to manage effort like this. Web design companies or freelance marketing professionals often offer this service which could be useful to many business start ups.

ii) System Software maintenance
Some content management systems may requirement version updates which in turn may not turn out to be a simple click of a button. As other installed and customised modules may be impacted, rather than try doing it on your own, it’s best that you hire a professional to execute this tricky bit.

iii) Server maintenance
This is a little more complex, especially if you have your own servers. While this is usually the case with larger organisations who have in house IT staff to address such matters to, this option is not limited to size but personal preference. Of course, if you maintain your own servers you will be needing to update security patches and operating system updates and so forth on a regular basis.

This is a must have since web hosting and domain renewals happen annually. Depending on your choice of hosting company and package, prices vary but you must factor this into your total cost if you intend to spread over a few years.

Website design grants
This is another area you could look at which could possibly reduce your website design budget. With the local authorities trying to get businesses to jump on the technology and innovative bandwagon, every now and then, a grant pops up for anything IT related and some of them do cover website design and development. You just got to look out for them. It’s worth a shot trying if you think you qualify.