Social Media – The Real Advantage

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A social media strategy is a great way to target your chosen customer group, especially if you choose to utilise paid advertising, it can be incredibly effective to target the correct audiences and also drive genuine traffic to your website.

It has really altered the way people, businesses and other communities interact with each other.

Social media platform as a way to connect
Social networking platforms can be a great way to push word-of-mouth advertising about your newly launched brand, services or products, to a larger scope of audience within your and your friends’ networks. So if possible speak to your web designer and figure ways to integrate social media posts or content into your website.

Another advantage of using social media platforms as a way to connect is that it’s very cost efficient. Most sites are almost free to sign up to create accounts. The rest is up to you to produce attractive and captivating content to draw in your likes and follows.

Some platforms like Facebook go further and allow ads targeted by geolocation and even age profiles. This is one clever way to further advertise your business.

Instagram has recently also introduced sponsored ads which allow online transaction effectively making your profile into an ecommerce store. This is another avenue worth exploring if you have the means and time to venture into this.

Treat your customers’ feedback with priority
However certain risks come with using such platforms. One of them is negative comments. It’s tough to curate negative press and the nature of social media means it can multiply quite massively. Damage control needs to be top notch and you can be sure, there will be be nay sayers and even competitors who will jump at anything just to say something bad.

One way to avoid this is to maintain good customer service. Any successful business will agree that happy customers form the foundation of success.

Customer feedback will also allow businesses to react and evolve accordingly.

Most importantly, it allows your customers to feel like they matter. Your customers are the only reason why you will ever succeed. So practice using social media with discernment and you will be getting loads of enquiries in no time.