Returning Customers – The Real Secret

secret to returning customers singapore

For every business, the key universal question is how to maintain a steady pool of returning customers.

One of the things to seriously consider would be customer satisfaction. Great service alone isn’t enough these days to remember you enough to want to come back. Happy loyal customers are paramount to the sustainability of every business.

Value added services
For example, a retail outlet could create a special ‘return and refund’ service for all it’s customers so that at the back of their minds, they know they would be able to get their money back somehow. This in turn creates store confidence and the same customers will most likely shop again at the premises.

Another way is to offer free delivery for more expensive, larger items they aren’t able to carry back themselves. This can be a real plus point to any deciding customer just before they make up their minds to purchase. A real deal maker, or breaker.

Incentivise your customers
Create customer loyalty points that can be collected and converted to offset future purchases or provide in-store discounts or on their ecommerce website are some of the many great ways to create returning customers. Create communication personalised channels using social media and set up an email marketing channel to give customers that extra sense of brand intimacy that’s sure to last. If they are buying online, it’s good to consider that the design of the page displays the entire buying process step by step so that customers do not feel abandoned in any way. Do think about setting up an online chat panel to support them in case they have any questions.

Keeping customers happy throughout the entire shopping experience whether online or on location is what really matters, so get creative and start putting smiles on everyone’s faces.