Readability – Why Is It Important To User Experience?

power of readability

The devil is in the details is an old saying that describes how our human superficiality often makes us overlook crucial elements in any given equation. Quite often, we get so involved in the aesthetics of our web design during the conceptualisation stage, that we overlook minor things like font size, typeface, spacing etc. Truth is, these things actually really matter. We forget to realise the relation between content and understanding the power of readability.

The ability to read your content with ease is paramount to any user regardless of whether they landed there by choice or through random surfing around. Do avoid handwritten or overly stylised fonts as these are hard to read. Remember they have to be easy to read on mobile devices too.

Text size
Does font size affect the power of readability? The word on the street is ‘big fonts please’. Yes, when in times of uncertainty, just go big. Do use some discernment though, don’t go like ginormous. You don’t want godzilla text screaming out from your webpages. Thing is there is no super hard rule, just play around until you see what feels right and get it go.

Paragraph formatting
Taking cue from the text size, follow the same principal with regards to formatting your content. Space is king because its easy on the eye and efficient use of space allows the eye to travel fast enough to consume at the speed of lightning. The faster this happens, the faster the message is sent. The more effective your marketing will be.

Typeface formatting
If possible, do try to look into kerning some of your text to let them appear as pleasant as they can together. Though often overlooked, details like these do make an overall difference.

Lastly, don’t go trigger happy on font usage and keep it to a maximum of 2, or 3 if need be. You shall be fine.