The Low Down

About Us

Morgan & Me is a boutique communications design studio run by two hotheaded wannabe creatives and one who harbours dreams of being an aspiring baker whom at first glance appear to be an unlikely fit altogether.

As a team, by the sheer power of polar opposition, the three come forth as a powerhouse designing creative messages by bringing the best ideas to life.

Their common notion that clients always come first and be in on every step of the design process from start to finish further enforces the concept of true collaboration.

Morgan & Me believes that everyone deserves to be a part of something bigger.

Silence is the ultimate voice.

Client Servicing + CreatIVE STRATEGIST

The pantry is his favourite place. Usually reeking of coffee & lots of fast words, Mel behaves like he’s got a lot on his mind, jogging ideas back & forth to the point it drives everyone else crazy. As much as we hate to admit it but deep inside, we know he’s usually right. Outside work, you can forget about getting hold of him, he’s strictly a family man.


You’ll find him usually slouched and fixated behind two computer monitors for hours without even blinking. Tall & extremely quiet, Yeeks can pass off as a scary guy if you’re meeting him for the first time. His low monotonous voice doesn’t help either. He’s like Godzilla but a nicer version. He chomps through development code like how Garfield eats lasagna, loves his fizzy drinks (beer included) & buying Nerf guns for his son on weekends.


Everyone has a gift & Charmaine is clearly so equipped with chasing for late payments, we’re convinced she was a debt collector of some sorts in her past life. While she maintains the rest of the office records & keeping all that admin stuff in order, she helps manage some of our projects too when we’re short-handed. We also suspect that she might have been some sort of a chef too since she loves trying out new cooking & baking recipes in her free time. We often end up being used as guinea pigs and there’s heaps of uneaten pastries piling up in the pantry and on our desks.

Never under estimate the power of desire.