The Low Down

About Us

Morgan & Me is a boutique communications design studio whose commitment is to break all rules, create mischief and move mountains.

Initially founded on the idea that bosses and red tape suck, the powerhouse is run by three very different personalties; a mind wandering dreamer, a hardcore gamer and a cooking enthusiast.

Amidst the fighting, together they bring to life the concept of true collaboration, whether among themselves while embarking on any project or with clients during strategical thinking and marketing planning sessions.

Morgan & Me believes that everyone deserves to be part of something bigger and we want to be part of your chaotic cause.

Silence is the ultimate voice.

Client Servicing + CreatIVE STRATEGIST

For some unknown reason, the pantry happens to be his favourite place, his locality of zen. You’ll catch of glimpse of him at some corner, talking to himself. Usually reeking of old coffee (or whiskey) & fast words, Mel behaves like he’s got lots on his mind, throwing ideas back & forth to the point it drives everyone crazy because he mumbles all the time. As much as it annoys the hell out of us but deep inside, we know he’s usually onto something good.

He’s got a morbid fear of dying and outside of work, he’s busy pursuing his love for the arts and music through various self creative projects.


Where you’ll find him is usually slouched behind two or more computer monitors with eyes fixated on for hours at a time without even blinking. Tall & extremely quiet, Yeeks can pass off as a scary guy if you’re meeting him for the first time. His low monotonous voice doesn’t help either. He’s like Godzilla but a nicer version.

With his keyboard and mouse in hand, he’s better than Harry Potter with a million magic wands and chomps through development code the way Garfield downs lasagna. Yeek’s weakness includes his love for fizzy drinks (beer included) & buying Nerf guns for his son whenever there’s a sale.


Everyone has a gift & Charmaine is so clearly equipped when it comes to chasing for late payments, we’re more than convinced she was a debt collector of some sorts in her past life. In her current life, she does a good job at maintaining the rest of the office records in check & keeping all that admin stuff in order, she also helps manage some of our projects too because we’re such horrible people when it comes to time management.

She loves baking in her free time and we often end up being guinea pigs for that. She doesn’t know but there’s heaps of unfinished pastries still sitting in the pantry.

Never under estimate the power of desire.