Great Content – How To Use It

great content

These days having a website as is isn’t the end of the story. Forget about sitting back, kicking your boots off, the power of great content chilling and waiting for interesting enquiries to pop in. You got work to do. And lots of it. Here’s to the power of great content. It’s the art of digital marketing.

Welcome to the new journey
The real road trip starts here on now. Your sole main purpose of existence now is to fill up your beloved website with tons of beautiful captivating content. The stuff dreams are made of. The stuff that keeps your site visitors coming back for more. Draw the fish to the bait. Create some buzz. Give them free downloads, coupons, advice columns, free pizza delivery services, dog walking etc.

People need a reason for everything
Why would you buy a new pair of running shoes?
Answer – Your old pair gave way and you needed new ones.

Why would anyone be visiting your website at all?
Answer – They were probably looking for something that only you could offer.

Start thinking of ways to pull customers back
Time to get creative, get off your chair and think of ways to strategise the best possible avenues you can to draw the horse to the water. Be unique if you can, it helps differentiate you that way. Why go to your website when visitors can get the same thing from someone’s site?

Getting help from others
If you find that doing all on your own is a little too overwhelming then you can always expand your horizons. Rope in friends, family, freelancers or even social agencies to lessen the load. Sites that feature authors as contributors often churn out loads of content.

Remember people need strong motivation to return so think about what you can do for them. Your customers are your lifeline.