Graphic Designer Vs A Paperless World

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A paperless world doesn’t mean doing away with the simple things like newspapers, greeting cards, business cards, invoices, receipts and other traditional print must haves. While we pursue our cause on saving trees, global warming, rising water levels and so forth, some things must still exist and we cannot a world where a simple handshake will one day become as remote as outer space.

Company branding
How do you think it’s going to look like to a customer after meeting for the first time and telling him that you do not have a hardcopy namecard? Good chance you might never hear from him again. Print media creates a kind of connection that digital art never will be able to mimic. It’s warm and it’s friendly.

Graphic designers know this and that’s why people still engage in their design expertise.

Understanding materials and media
A traditional graphic designer is hands on and literally is involved with the ‘feel’ of his design produce.

Graphic design isn’t just about what you see but it’s really about how you feel when it’s in your hands.

No one understands this better than a graphic designer. That’s probably why they get to charge the high rates that they do. Well, you get what you pay for. If value is what you want, hire a graphic designer.

It’s an art form, higher than digital art
We are going to be biased and say that graphic designers deserve more credit these days. They are revolutionary artists caught in between point of creativity and modern transformable media. Traditional art, like an oil painting on canvas will always no doubt be valued more than something created on photoshop.
It’s the truth really.

So to all the nay sayers, the hardcore digital evangelists and the creative keyboard warriors, let’s work together in harmony and create art.