Freelance Web Designers Vs Web Design Companies

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If you have a business that is in need of a web presence, you have a few options open to you when it comes to getting a website designed. One option that should immediately be discarded is trying to do it on your own. Yes, there are all kinds of web design templates and tools available out there, but when you are going with a business site, you want something that stands out in all the right ways. There are reasons why freelance web designers exist in the first place. Any mistakes that you make when trying to go it alone will really stand out, and the customer will see those errors as a reflection of your business as a whole.

With that out of the way, you are left to basically decide between going with freelance web designers or a web design agency. The one that you choose will depend on a number of different factors, and the reality is that there are pros and cons with both. You will have to consider things like your budget, the timeline, and the specific elements that need to be added to your site before you make this very difficult decision. What may be right for someone else may not be what is best for you.

Freelance web designers – An economical solution
As far as pricing goes, your most affordable option is to go with freelance web designers. Many of these freelancers are either design students or professionals looking to build a portfolio or create a second income. As such, they tend to charge a whole lot less than what you would expect to pay at a web design agency. The problem here is that you often end up getting exactly what you pay for. Certain freelancers may be great at putting a design together, but may lack the coding skills required to build in other elements you want for your site. A web design agency will have several web designers with different talents, all working towards the same goal of building you a site that works perfectly.

Simple sites may not require web agencies
This would suggest that the web design agency would get the job done in a more timely fashion, but that is not always the case. Unless you are assigned a project manager, you can waste a lot of time tracking down who you need. With a web freelancer, it will be a single person working on your site, so getting a hold of them shouldn’t be an issue. Since freelancers don’t have a guaranteed income, they will usually try to get your project done as quickly as possible so that they can move onto the next and continue to make money.

Cheap isn’t always good – Choose wisely
If you have a very complicated site that requires a lot of coding and potentially tricky elements, a web design agency may well be your best bet. On the other hand, if you prefer to have a basic business site and a limited budget, freelance web designers can get the job done for you at a cost that will not break the bank. It really does all come down to comparing the two options to see which one best suits your specific needs. Budget wisely.