Email Marketing – Is It Still Relevant?

email marketing singapore

Many times whenever we try to propose an all-in-one business solution for our customers, the topic of email marketing comes up.

‘Is it still relevant?’, they ask.

We believe the answer is still yes.

High chance you are actually reading this from your smartphone
Yes, sources say that checking email on smartphones happens at least once a day and that alone makes up about 90% of all smartphone owners, out of which two thirds of this figure check their emails either in the morning or before going off to bed.

Millions of email accounts all over the world
There are an estimated more than 4 billion email accounts globally with another estimated 247 billion emails sent each day and a good chance that half or more of them were opened and viewed using a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet.

More effective than social media
Some studies have shown have email Marketing works up to 40 times better when it comes to conversion rates when compared to social media like Facebook & Instagram. Seems like people do enjoy receiving emails, especially if they sign up to be on a mailing list.

Emails captivate users more than anything else
Other observations suggest that email marketing as an evolving technology for communication is changing the way we receive our emails. Content is getting stronger, data plans are getting faster, layouts are getting more responsive, videos now can be sent, geolocation technology will allow very local focused type marketing, almost direct to the consumer.

Email marketing is cost efficient with an easy learning curve. Business owners need not take out expensive entire billboard spaces or full page magazine spreads to reach the same target audience.

The marketing landscape is changing and now may be a good time to jump on that bandwagon.