Ecommerce Store – Your First Online Business

ecommerce store

You just started your first ecommerce store. You’re feeling a little excited but jittery at the same time. Going into business can be a daunting task, especially if you are mainly on your own. You’ve got to execute almost everything single-handedly.

From looking out for a shop space, renovation, suppliers, warehousing, research & development, marketing and so on.

If you have done your maths right, it would appear that you might be better off with developing an ecommerce online store for your business instead.

Why an ecommerce website instead of an actual storefront?
For starters, a brick & mortar shop is going to cost you rental plus utilities. As mentioned earlier, you might need to set some cash aside for minor renovation too. Since rent is something that is an outgoing cost with or without any actual business, setting up an ecommerce store defrays a lot of that cost which you could put to other good uses, perhaps stocking more inventory or improving your customer service.

Features of an ecommerce website
Think of your online store as an actual shop and the people landing on your website as walk-in customers. Your store’s layout should be friendly, warm and enticing promotions be placed easily within the site’s navigation.

Just like a physical shop, your ecommerce store should have it’s products organised neatly in product categories and show listed prices clearly. Customers must be able to click on any product and be brought to a page containing more information regarding the product they are interested in.

Checking out and paying online
In order to be successful, your website must also be configured with a secure check out page and accept credit card payments for your customers’ convenience. They will receive electronic invoices for all their purchases.

Recurring business strategies
Every retail business is 100% dependant on returning customers so it’s your job to motivate them enough to return one day. One way is to offer in-store discounts through the use of promo codes or shipping fee reductions during their next visit. If your budget allows it, speak to your web design agency about developing some kind of customer loyalty reward points program, allowing each sale to chalk up points which could be used to offset an amount off their next purchase.

Marketing and more marketing
Now that you have gotten your ecommerce store up and running, the one thing you need to do is to maintain an ongoing relationship with your customer base. So start a mailing list and encourage anyone to sign up to keep them in the loop with all your latest updates and promotions, and get busy with your email marketing campaigns as soon as you can.

One last thing, do not forget to use social media like Facebook or Instagram for further target audience engagement. Go on and make your first million now.