Common Website Mistakes You Might Be Making

common website mistakes singapore

You are proud of your new swanky website you just put up but how do you know if you are going about it the right way? Here’s a guide on common website mistakes most first time website owners are guilty of.

Not easy-to-read or little content
This is the main reason why less and less visitors are going to your website these days.

They are looking for answers, they are looking for solutions and they are looking for you to provide simple solutions. So make it easy for them to absorb all that content.

Even if you took on the task of writing all content yourself, bear in mind, it’s useful to write it from a customer’s perspective. The content has to be in a local context and in a relatively easy format with minimal use of technical jargons because customers often have no idea what their meanings are.

Not mobile friendly
One of common website mistakes these days would be ignoring the call for responsive design. With mobile technology being the leader in digital communication, not having your website catered to mobile usage can be quite unforgiving to many in this day and age of digital consumption. So make sure your website has a responsive layout.

Slow loading or missing pages
Remember impression counts and nothing lowers it more than slow loading or missing pages.

Make your web designer or developer uses beautiful clean codes and clear out all that ones that aren’t in use. Optimize your images so that they are not too overly large in file sizes.

Lack of content focus and clutter
Lastly, from a marketing perspective, your website should have a clear call to action plan. So format your content in such a way that it will naturally guide your visitors to where you want them to be. Make sure the design ‘stand outs’ from the rest of the other pages.

Another thing that affects the above is clutter. Not only does it confuse your website’s visitors, it may end up hiding all the essential information that your website exists for in the first place. Design your site map well with your web designer in the beginning before anything else.