Call To Action – Getting It Right

creating a successful call to action

Nothing is more important than creating a successful call to action in your website. Without one, how are customers supposed to get in touch effectively?

When you are working on your website, be sure to emphasise very clearly to your web designer or web design company how you like your call to action to be. For example, would you like your call to action to be very prominent, with large buttons that click to another page or nested within another more subtle section of your website.

This would greatly improve connectivity between your website and your customers, and this will up your chances of success.

Provide benefit to your users
Who doesn’t love freebies? Include some sort of a free gift like a coupon download or some PDF self-help book, free stickers, mailing list sign up or something. This would clearly encourage your customers to react accordingly. You need to provide value so that they can keep coming back.

Design your content well
Think about how well you like your call to action to stand out.
From a design’s perspective, we recommend the effective use of negative space, strong implementation of buttons and bold colours. An effective clean and strategised web design layout will also help greatly in guiding your customers to where you want them to be. Think of the way IKEA uses visual merchandising to their advantage in their store’s layout. You never see an empty line at their cash registers. A good online example would be Dropbox. Their less is more overall web design scheme ensures that their call to action in blue jumps right at you.

Create a sense of rush
With the right use of language and tone, craft out a message that entices them to respond right away. Dangle more freebies or time sensitive promotions, use captivating imagery or celebrity endorsements. Your job is make sure they reply.