CMS – Content Management System


What is a Content Management System also known as CMS? Why is everyone talking about having one and is it more beneficial these days?

The answer is most definitely. As business starts to grow, so will your website and a CMS will indeed be the tool for that growth to happen.

Eventually you will be needing add in more products, services and lots of other company related information. If your website still resides in the old HTML format then you will be in for a lot of headache.

Imagine having to spend time seeking website designers or website agencies and then comparing quotes, hiring them, submitting your content updates to them and waiting for their turn around.

This is where a Content Management System comes in handy. It literally empowers you, the website owner with the authority to self curate, edit and manage your own content and erases the need for a ‘middleman’ – the web designer.

So what is a Content Management System aka CMS?
A CMS is essentially a platform where all content on the website is made easily accessible with built-in editing tools designed for the website’s owner to edit the website’s content with ease. It is designed for the non technical user. It is instant, it is real time. It’s worth the investment.

Benefits for you
i) Easy to use – No need for any knowledge of programming at all.
ii) Update frequently – Update as much as you want and in turn this makes the website optimised for search engines.
iii) Long term savings – Since it’s a one time cost, you end up saving on the all the contents updates which in the past, you would have to pay for.

Start an ecommerce business
Yes, with a Content Management System (CMS) configured, you can even go the extra mile and start selling your services and products online by setting up an ecommerce website store for your customers’ convenience. Along with a shopping cart, a kick-ass drop down product category listing and easy check out, your online store will be truly awesome. Your customers will thank you for all the trouble you have saved them.

This is a good reason to consider upgrading to a CMS if you haven’t yet.