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About Morgan & Me

Digital Design Agency from Singapore

Founded right in the heart of the 07' financial crisis, Morgan & Me started out life as a concept seeking to innovate ideas & meaningful designs while working within our clients’ budgets.

With originally no long term intentions, we slowly grew fond of our clients who kept returning for more creative work & thus decided, ‘Let’s just do this from now on!’. 

We got ourselves registered & became an official legit business roughly a year later.

Today, our client base has grown by more than two fold and we've added more services to our creative offerings and become more multi disciplinary than ever, even though we're still boutique by choice.

Design Services

Web Design

Even the last person you'd least expect to have a website probably has one hidden away somewhere.

Whatever it is, we will design it for you.

We’ll make it happen with our schizophrenic but talented HTML5, CSS, design & coding skills, we'll burn nights & days to make you the world’s next greatest hero.

Drupal CMS

We work with Drupal, a superbly well balanced Content Management System platform for all our web design & development. So that revamp that you recently did of your corporate website, e-commerce store or blog is running Drupal in it's veins. 

It is versatile, able to chug vast amounts of data easily & perfect for agencies like ourselves who dabble in all sorts of custom web development for stuff like online contests with scoring, discussion forums with special features, SEO Control Panel and so on. It’s incredible.


Who says retail has to be tough with long hours & standing up all day? An e-Commerce store allows you to the opposite.

With a kick ass shopping cart to check out your goods & pay using any major credit card via Paypal, our preferred payment gateway. We’ll also throw in more goodies like discount codes and a monthly/daily sales report so you can keep track of your stock inventory & buy us a drink when you’re almost hitting a million bucks in sales.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Platforms

Google just raised the bar by insisting all websites come natively responsive aka mobile friendly so our job is to make sure you're listed in Google’s Mobilegeddon search results & if that means setting you up with the latest mobile tech there is, we will.

We will make your website is so fluid that it’ll display accordingly with your Apple iPhone, iPad and any Android phone/tablet screen sizes.

Email Blasting

If you don't know what this stands for, nerds will tell you that EDM is the abbreviation for Electronic Direct Mail.

Way more responsive than traditional mail drops, EDMs allows you to send greeting ecards to long lost friends or relatives with a single click. What’s more, it also allows unique personalisation and ability for recipients to sign up for an newsletters you might have & gets sent right to your recipient's email inbox.

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